7 Best Internet Marketing Ideas For Small & Medium Business

Any small or medium-sized business will have a hard time gaining or maintaining market share because it will always have to compete with larger companies with larger presences and larger marketing advertising budgets. That said, smaller companies can actually outperform larger companies because fewer bureaucratic obstacles exist when it comes to implementing successful online business marketing campaigns.

This ability at being more nimble can translate into higher market share and higher revenue, but it only works if a business owner can skip the hit-and-miss process that often comes with such campaigns.

1. Quality SEO content

For any successful marketing campaign, real success begins and ends with quality SEO content. Such content provides information and calls to action to onsite customers. It informs, and it persuades. It instills confidence and encourages purchases. Finally, it helps convert browsing traffic into buying traffic. Most importantly, it helps draw customers from across the globe via organic search results. Simply put, it is the single best way for any company to market itself online.

The trick to quality SEO content is mixing specific, helpful content with natural-sounding keywords. Doing so will help search engines understand what the content is about while offering readable text to human customers. For instance, the term “successful online business marketing campaign” has already been used twice. One variation of this long-tail keyword is also in play. Yet the readability has not suffered as one usage of such a keyword is being used in a technical sense–as an example. This example helps make such a keyword readable while informing search engines to include this article for people searching for successful marketing tips. Of course, when it comes to SEO, it is best to hire professionals. To do that, simply check out the professionals at SEO Brisbane Internet Marketing.

2. Videos

For any business wanting to draw new customers, videos are an absolute must. The reason is twofold. First, videos are critical for customers who might prefer to watch content rather than read it. Second, videos placed on such sites as YouTube allow the business owner to write a fairly long description of the article.

In fact, many people include a transcript of the video. Such descriptions or transcripts create quality SEO content–without it seeming like SEO content. Again, the content exists in video form for humans. However, search engines identify the written description or transcript and will potentially rank the business content higher in search results.

3. Join a community

Joining an online forum allows business owners to engage with potential colleagues and customers. Of course, colleagues might eventually be interested in mutual marketing campaigns. Equally obvious, potential customers might end up spending money with people they grow to know and trust.

The critical part of this marketing technique is to become an expert member within the community. As such, the goal should be to inform and assist rather than to sell. If you engage a community while also including a simple backlink to your site, you are offering people a way to find out more about your company–on their terms. This can be a powerful way to grow your site because the customers who choose you will likely exhibit a higher degree of loyalty.

4. Contests

Contests are great ways for people to learn about a company. In terms of contests, it is often necessary, however, to choose between two types of prize distribution models. The first model is the most common and involves a prize for the top three places.

However, another very effective way to assign prizes is to offer lower prizes across a wider spread. For instance, the final rounds in poker often offer paid seats up to 20 or 60 players. This is called being in the money. If a potential customer perceives it easier to get in the money, he or she is more likely to enter the contest and, perhaps, end up a future customer.

5. Personalize

Sometimes growing sales or market share does not involve attracting new customers. Instead, it involves offering higher value to existing customers who then purchase more. In order to help existing customers be able to identify higher value, it is important to engage them in one-on-one marketing. One-on-one marketing involves personalizing marketing attempts to specific customers. This can involve hand-written notes as thank yous, or it can involve such things as targeted 10-percent coupons for items a customer has purchased in the past.

6. Visuals

Info-graphics are important ways to provide both written and visual information. Because visuals, such as info-graphics, are easily digestible pieces of graphic design, it is important to completely include the meta data for the graphic. By doing so, the graphic targets the human customer, and the meta data targets search engines.

7. Damage readiness and assessment

Online reviews can be powerful allies or overwhelming obstacles. Consequently, it is necessary to maintain watch on reviews listed on Amazon or Yelp. Thanking people who offer good reviews can convey to potential customers a friendliness that is important in today’s connected era.

Conversely, for poor reviews, offering assistance to customers and attempting to engage them in high-quality customer service creates a marketing opportunity by showing potential customers that you are always willing to ensure people are happy. One of the keys to this is to approach review assessment as a marketing technique and speak not only to the reviewer but also to the potential customer.

This can be accomplished by simply ending each customer review response with something like “Thank you again for your review. Please note that I will do everything possible to ensure your total satisfaction.”

Finally, on your website and on your Amazon page–restate your satisfaction rate. For instance, you might have six-percent bad reviews. However, if you market your customer service 94 percent “pure awesomeness,” you help somewhat negate the impact of those bad reviews.

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