Understanding Why Businesses Just Cannot Survive without SEO in 2019

Most brands and businesses have understood that SEO is an absolute must for their businesses and digital properties. They have already realized the immense benefits they would obtain from the implementation of efficient SEO efforts.  As per experts, SEO would help in boosting your site’s overall online visibility and searchability. However, there are many more valid reasons for businesses to treat SEO as an ABSOLUTE necessity. SEO has been playing a pivotal role in adding a whole new dimension to your business and taking your brand to all-new heights.

The Chief Source of Web Traffic Is Organic Search

We know that organic search plays an integral role in the website performance of the majority of the websites. SEO is a crucial constituent of specifically the buyer funnel. Search Engine Optimization motivates users to get engaged to a site and helps in triggering conversions or sales. Google is known to own a remarkably bigger part of the search marketing landscape as compared to its challengers such as Baidu, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Yandex, etc.

We do not mean to imply that all the other search engines do not help in boosting brand visibility. In reality, they do but Google is known to own around 75% of the entire search market. It is undoubtedly, the undisputed leader and all its guidelines must be followed by businesses and brands religiously. However, the rest 25 percent of the existing market that is owned by some other search engines must be of value to the businesses.

Google is without doubt, the most frequently visited website worldwide and particularly in the U.S.A. Google is also way ahead of the rest in terms of global popularity as an email provider. In this context, you must know that YouTube has proved to be the second most popular and biggest search engine.

Statistics reveal that a whopping majority of the universe that seems to have easy access to the ever-popular Internet is used to visiting Google minimum once daily for getting information. Google is always regarded as the most reliable and trustworthy resource and when Google regards you as a reliable business. It is sure to work wonders to your reputation and brand image. Remember high-quality websites and superlative SEO would be taking brands to the pinnacles of glory.

SEO Creates Both Trust & Credibility

The goal of a proficient and experienced SEO professional is to build a solid foundation for a website with seamless and intuitive UX and smooth navigability. You must understand that numerous elements are instrumental in creating the authority of search engines such as Google. Moreover, apart from the factors discussed above, authority is acquired over time because of a combination of elements like high-quality backlink profiles, machine-learning signals, positive user behavior, optimized content, and on-page elements.  SEO or digital optimization helps in boosting authority for most of the businesses or brands. However, it is not possible to create credibility and boost trust overnight. Remember authority is established with time. It involves a tremendous amount of patience, dedication, commitment, and effort to establish a robust and authoritative brand. You may seek the expert SEO Adelaide services for boosting your brand.

SEO is Cost-Effective

As per https://www.forbes.com, SEO is cost-effective as compared to the costs related to other types of online marketing like social media marketing, PPC advertising or even buying leads to boost an email marketing campaign. SEO is known to provide quite an impressive ROI despite being pretty affordable. We know that PPC is known to be driving more revenue while social media could be more critical for boosting your brand image. Despite all that SEO remains your best bet and must be an integral part of your marketing game.

Good SEO Implies Better User Experience

Every business online is looking for maximum visibility and better organic rankings. However, very few businesses understand the critical role of optimal user experience in helping you get there. Google has over the years learned ways to interpret an unfavorable UX as opposed to a favorable UX. Today a seamless user experience is of pivotal importance for the ultimate success of your website.

Your website must be optimized for perfect user experience and the main intention should be to offer the visitors the precise information they are seeking as quickly as possible in fewer clicks. SEO is known to incorporate a seamless and positive user experience that is leveraged to boost the overall brand image.

Local SEO Implies a Boost in Engagement, Overall Traffic & Conversions

With the increasing mobile traffic dominance, local SEO has become an integral part of businesses particularly, small-and-medium-sized organizations for achieving success. Local SEO is instrumental in optimizing your digital businesses for precise vicinity, so that people could locate you faster and easily, placing them strategically closer to a transaction. For promoting engagement specifically, on the local front. SEO experts must focus on optimizing a brand’s listing on Google My Business, its Knowledge Graph panel, and also, diverse social media profiles.


Your biggest challenge as a small business owner is to make your website appear on page one of Google’s search results. You must seek professional SEO assistance to boost your brand’s online reputation and image. Say YES to SEO.

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