Video Marketing Tips-15 Most Reliable Tips You Must Know

In the latest trend of digital marketing, videos are most reached and appreciated content. In research, it was found that videos will be responsible for 80% of traffic. Also, 75%of web traffic by 2020 is because of videos and today, 33% of online active users are watching videos. There are handy of video marketing tips which you can explore

What next everyone wants after having an extraordinary product in this competitive era?  Simple it’s only one thing that is web traffic. And to reach massive web traffic the new and most effective way is with the help of video marketing.

video marketing tips

In recent years, video marketing has created a hurly-burly situation in the market. Many marketing tycoons shifted to this model rather than their traditional model. Because it was found that consumers convert faster with the help of videos.

Well if you want to keep your audience engaged and may come for more than you must keep an extra eye on the behavior of consumers that what they are expecting from you.

Here is a list of 15 video marketing tips to create an attractive video

1. Tell a story

There is a heap of salable video on the internet for one or the other guy is trying to sell something rather than giving value. Instead of behaving like a despo sealer. Center your video which is telling some story which gives some value to the customer rather than using your bullshit selling technique.

Business houses should use the emotive power of video by appealing their customer’s needs and desires.

2. Catchy title with an introduction which stands out of all

Creating a catchy title stimulates the viewer’s attention to open and see it. And, if the title is more suitable for the product then there are more chances to be shown on the top of the search engine on the SERP page.

The introduction must be unique which must tell about the video in the subject line. As it was seen that one-fifth of users click on visual content without considering it. It must be inspiring informative and entertaining which must hook the viewer and encourage them to see for the whole video.

3. More attention on mission and less on product

mission centered video

Instead of giving more attention to the product and always preparing a technique to make a sale, more attention must be given to the mission of the product.

As when more attention is on the mission it goes more viral as compared to product video. In the mission video, it is clearly told the reason for being of the product, what it serves, its uniqueness, and why you or your company working continuously,  etc.

4.Don’t be boring

Creating a worthy content which is the most important in video marketing. Having a worthy but boring content leads to failure of the campaign and if you want your campaign to be more successful, create exciting and inspiring videos that can never be considered boring. And which will boost your campaign success rate.

5. Get a little bit bawdy

Getting too much intimacy in a video may harm your credibility. But it is good if it is in the right amount i.e up to that point until it is not overdone.

6. SEO friendly

seo friendly

As we all know that Google loves video content and while creating a video campaign SEO must be in mind. While creating video content the video must be accompanied by a well-written description tagged with a relevant keyword. All these helps in boosting the video’s SEO which helps in ranking the video.

7. Make it mobile-friendly

mobile friendly

In the current, scenario there is an increase in the number of mobile users in comparison to the desktop users. The video content must be mobile-friendly as it increases the views as know more and more people can have access to the video content. In this you can take help from mobile SEO experts.

According to YouTube every year there is a 100% increase in their video consumption. While creating video content it must in mind that it must be mobile-friendly.

8. Music atmospheric and attach call to action button

As music refreshes the mind in the same way it is also helpful in memorizing the visual content. Using music in video helps in crafting more excitement and creates video more emotional.

We can also include a CTA button in the header footer or body where we want to add it. It is more similar to a blog or post in which the reader can take further action after seeing the video. At the end of the video, we can add CTA so that the viewer can fill that they can have addon facilities.

9. Use customers generated videos

This is the best technique in video marketing as when customers create a video of the product while using it creates a belief in other potential customers to buy the same. This technique is more popular in the market as sellers give an additional discount if they give reviews or self-generated videos.

10. Inserting URL in the video

While making visual content it must be kept in mind to insert URL in the video. While using this tip, it helps in creating traffic to the companies website and also for the companies popularity. It is also helpful for those who again want to come to our website to have knowledge about the new or coming products.

11. Include tutorial videos

tutorial video

Tutorials are the best way to engage our customers for a longer time. As these tutorials are knowledgable which gives good value and the customer remains stick with the video to learn more. Many companies use this technique to sell their new products which are coming in the market.

12. Create short videos with professional voice

Viewers do not have much time to see a lengthy video because of a lack of time or they do not want to spend on searching for a new website or video. The voices used in the video must be professional in nature, it must be good to have an employee who is having much more experience of speaking in front camera.

13. Don’t be many professionals in creating video

Videos created for marketing purposes must not be that much professional like a high-quality movie. It must be like that each person can correlate with each other. But it must not confused with the quality of the video, as the quality of the video must be in high quality.

14. Provide some humor

All videos created by corporate must not be in a serious form. As it creates interest in the mind of viewers which helps them to get engaged with their customers. As it creates a long-lasting effect in the customer’s mind which is good from the business point of view.

  15.Embedding video in landing page

video embading in landing page:video marketing tips

You can also embed videos in your landing page which can raise the conversion rate by 80%. As we all know that the videos are a great source of conversions. And when these are embedded with landing pages this will help in creating more confidence among consumers.


As we all are aware of the point that videos are creating more conversions. Here are some handy video marketing tips which will help you to kick start your successful marketing campaign and take your business to the next level. These are the proven tips for video marketing.

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