Google Unsupported Noindex Directives Robots.txt

On September 2019 Google will stop supporting noindex directives robots.txt. A simple impression of this update is, Google will not support robot.txt files with noindex directives. And this fact may affect your Google ranking. Reason for approaching this fact is, to set a high standard of search engine and create a better open source for the […]

7 Best Internet Marketing Ideas For Small & Medium Business

Any small or medium-sized business will have a hard time gaining or maintaining market share because it will always have to compete with larger companies with larger presences and larger marketing advertising budgets. That said, smaller companies can actually outperform larger companies because fewer bureaucratic obstacles exist when it comes to implementing successful online business […]

Understanding Why Businesses Just Cannot Survive without SEO in 2019

Most brands and businesses have understood that SEO is an absolute must for their businesses and digital properties. They have already realized the immense benefits they would obtain from the implementation of efficient SEO efforts.  As per experts, SEO would help in boosting your site’s overall online visibility and searchability. However, there are many more valid reasons […]

Video Marketing Tips-15 Most Reliable Tips You Must Know

In the latest trend of digital marketing, videos are most reached and appreciated content. In research, it was found that videos will be responsible for 80% of traffic. Also, 75%of web traffic by 2020 is because of videos and today, 33% of online active users are watching videos. There are handy of video marketing tips which you […]

5 Tips How to Start Writing for Search Engine Optimization

SEO writing is currently one of the hottest side gigs at the moment, thanks to the growth of digital marketing in the past few years. Before now, businesses relied on more conventional marketing techniques like TV adverts, radio jingles, billboards, and the like. The times have changed. Digital marketing, which means marketing via the internet, […]